Texas: Turning Lies into Laws

Texas is one of the worst states in the country when it comes to enacting abortion restrictions that flout the facts and conflict with scientific evidence. Read on for how we're fighting back.

Texas Awareness Campaign

In 2017, The Texas Freedom Network Education Fund joined with the National Partnership to launch a Lies into Laws campaign to show Texas politicians that when they lie, we're going to call them out. The campaign has included digital ads on major media outlets and social media platforms, traveling billboards, media outreach and in-person events.

Watch the kick-off press conference below.

Engaging the Next Generation
In November 2017, TNFEF's program for young activists, Texas Rising, is hosting a series of forums on Texas college campuses to empower students to call out lawmakers who are turning lies into laws.

Events will take place at colleges in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Rio Grande Valley, San Antonio and San Marcos. Learn more at tfn.org/txrising-lies.

Watch the Texas Rising press conference below.

Everything's Bigger in Texas
According to a report by the Guttmacher Institute, Texas is tied for first in the country when it comes to turning lies into anti-abortion laws. Texas legislators enact restriction after restriction, trying to prevent a woman from getting abortion care even when that means lying to her, delaying her care, requiring unnecessary tests, making care more expensive, and shutting down reproductive health clinics.

Texas politicians should be ashamed, but instead they continue to peddle lies, ignore science, and undermine the practice of medicine, all in an effort to push health care out of reach. Learn more — and get involved — at lies.tfn.org.

A Laboratory for Bad Ideas
Texas has become a laboratory for bad ideas when it comes to LGBTQ equality and reproductive rights.

The state’s politicians aren’t just turning lies into anti-abortion laws. They're also using lies to push laws that discriminate against transgender Texans.

We must be united against those that try to shame, pressure, and punish us by trying to control our bodies. Politicians need to know that when they lie, we’re going to be here — together — to call them out. Learn more about how discriminatory “bathroom” policies are based on lies at laws.tfn.org.

Spending Money on Lies
In 2011, Texas politicians dismantled the state women’s health program. Now, amidst the worst maternal mortality crisis in the country, Texas lawmakers earmarked millions of family planning dollars for an anti-abortion group that funds crisis pregnancy centers, which are known to mislead and shame women rather than give them the care they seek.

Texas women are dying while Texas politicians are lying. This is the latest example in an ongoing effort to pass laws that make it difficult or even impossible for women to access abortion care. Learn more about how cruel cuts to women’s health are based on lies at lies.tfn.org/heidi.

Bad Medicine: Texas Edition

This report describes how, for years, Texas politicians have based extreme anti-abortion laws on lies and misinformation. These "bad medicine" laws interfere with the practice of medicine, undermine women’s health and push care further out of reach.

Read the report »

Watch the Texas People’s Hearing

Anti-abortion lawmakers in Texas refuse even to hear from real experts about the serious consequences of Bad Medicine laws. On March 3, 2017, policy and health experts and health care providers gathered at the Texas State Capitol to share the facts behind these harmful laws — and demonstrate what an evidence-based hearing should look like.

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